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Indian women and Jewellery has always formed a great combination. The tradition of wearing Jewellery in India is more than 5000 years old, and still, women share a unique bond with Jewelry. Keeping in mind about the demand for

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, Karigari always designs its jewellery for all the body types, including neck, ear, arms, ankles, waist, hair parting, etc. Jewellery comes in different style and techniques as work of Kundan jewellery is itself unique and full excellence. However, we have an

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available. The techniques to create these beautiful pieces vary just as much as the jewellery itself and can be very detailed. Indian bridal jewellery grabs everybody’s attention as it is considered the most important one and Karigari has huge collection of
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. Office wear fashion jewellery trends for women in India as it is always recommended and makes you feel comfortable as a part of the globalised world. We have artificial jewellery online for office purposes which brings charm and elegance both at the same time. Karigari is the choice of ladies who generally doesn't step out for shopping and prefer

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. We are among the top most stores of
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